Steal Your Ideas

I recently read a blog that suggested a reasons to write every day is because if you don’t, someone will steal your ideas. Worst reason ever and this is why.

For simplicity’s sake, let’s stick to fiction. Every story that ever was written can be summed up in its essence. For example, the story of Romeo and Juliet is about boy meets girl. Pretty basic, but in essence, there it is. How many books and movies can be summed up in the same three words? Billions? And do you really think that was an original idea created by Shakespeare?


What makes our writing unique is not the grand idea. It is how we carry it out. I can sit ten writers down with the same idea—and I have. Those ten writers will each come up with a unique story. Not all of them will be good either, but that is beside the point. Until you are done, you won’t know if yours is good either.

Stop worrying about someone stealing your idea. Worry about writing the damn story.


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