New Year’s Resolutions

Since I suspect I will be no more successful this year in keeping my resolutions than any of my prior years, let’s have some fun!

2018 New Year’s Resolutions, Bitter Old Bat Style!


  • World Peace!
  • Wear matching socks.
  • Exercise until my boobs inflate to their previously magnificent position.
  • Give money to every vagrant who approaches my car in traffic without wondering if they will earn more that day than I do.
  • Faithfully watch the new every day because staying informed will make me happier about my place in the world.
  • Never again call a dumb ass a dumb ass as soon as I hang up the phone or walk away.
  • Sleep with every man who asks me because 15 minutes of fun is better than learning to be happy with myself.
  • Oh, what the heck, I will faithfully blog every day perchance to enhance the lives of my fellow man because I am just that good.

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