Click Bait Queen

Recently I found a new client who has been paying me good money to have fun. How is that, you ask? Simple, the sucker—I mean client—is paying me to write outrageous National Enquirer-type stories as click bait. The more dramatic, the better.

You have seen this type of article in a million places. The most frustrating for me are those that lead me to believe a favorite actor has died. Particularly if that actor is younger than I am. Like I don’t have enough friends and family dropping like flies around me.

The trick is to keep the writing interesting and professional until you have hooked the reader’s interest, then drop the other shoe with something crazy enough that it just might work.

Sure, I could write fiction and have just as much fun, but getting fiction published is actually a lot of work. This gig fell into my lap like free money from heaven. And sure, I probably should feel a little bit guilty for following the gullible, but oddly I don’t.

I’m probably going to hell, but I’ll go to hell with season tickets to the theater.



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