Drugs are Cheap, Sex is Free, Class of ’83

I recently receive a Facebook notification of our next high school reunion.  Apparently this is an unofficial affair that I probably wouldn’t attend regardless. There are only about three people from high school I care to really stay in contact with much more than as Facebook friends.

Now here is the rest of the reason I’m put off about going. One of the coordinators was a lovely little teenage alcoholic who would drink her lunch and come back to class reeking of peppermint schnapps. (Even without it, a blind man would have known she was wasted.) I have a touchy stomach now, and it was more so in high school. Her alcohol stench made my first class after lunch miserable. Not to mention it just doesn’t do anything for me to hang out with drunks.

The really last straw though was her posting to the same invite for a class reunion the little ditty that goes something like “Drugs are Cheap, Sex is Free, Class of ’83.” Wow, really? Is that how you remember you high school years? Some of us had ethics and values even back then. So nice of you to make us feel, umm, uncomfortable.

Do people really not realize that if they are representing a group of people, even if it is just an unofficial reunion, they should adhere to a certain degree of professionalism and inclusion? Now all I can envision is the fog of pot smoke, with a mirror covered with white lines on each table, and a back room with a row of mattresses on the floor.

Not my scene.


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