Lover’s Spat

Last night I got a message from a guy I have been chatting with through an online dating service. He was mad because I’d promised him I would let him know when I was available to go out. Well, I did exactly that a while ago. I didn’t get a response. Such is life.

When I called him on his attitude, his response was that he was upset because I hadn’t reached out, and he thought I wasn’t interested. To be honest, I’m not particular interested, especially after his attitude.

The question I failed to ask and I would really like the answer to is why he bothered to hit me up again if he didn’t think I was interested. Why bother? Why the attitude? Why not just move on. Unless you’ve really made  a connection, there is no loss, and with this guy, we may have exchange a few hundred words at best.

Why must your disappointment become someone else’s problem?


2 thoughts on “Lover’s Spat

  1. He’s pissed off his breadcrumbing didn’t work out as planned. My next article will be on breadcrumbing, benching, and ghosting! Stay tuned!!!


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