Pedophile or Proud Pop

Does anyone else find it a bit confusing when men post pictures of themselves with small children on a dating site? I always find myself wondering if that is a secret code, and I’m actually supposed to be dating the kids, not the dad. Either way, I tend to pass up men who list pictures with their kids or grandkids. Warning bells go off that those were his last victims and my kids are next. Best case scenario, if I give the guy a chance, I’ll end up as a suspect in a pedophile ring.

I also have a problem with profile pictures of men who post pictures with other women. I think the logic is kind of like buying a house. When you go into a house and you like the the furniture or you can picture your furniture in its place, you are more apt to buy, I suppose. It doesn’t work that way for me. Instead, I tend to think that is the absolutely only woman he has managed to get to stand still that close to him before.

Men who think submitting a shirtless picture are not for me either. Not only do most men look better, not to mention more respectful, fully clothed.  I really want to unwrap my man myself to find out what awaits. If he has already done that for me, and half the world, it takes the magic out of it.

Sounds like I have a lot of rules about online dating  profiles, doesn’t it? I do, but  I think we all do in one way or another. Even if you are meeting face to face instead of through an online matching service, you pick up clues that warn you away or draw you closer. The way a man grins, how he smells, whether his nails are clean, if he can hold up his end of a conversation, how he dances—these are all built in signals whether he might be a good match. Read the clues and you might save yourself a lot head and heartaches.


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