What Customer Service Isn’t

Customer service is not there to demean, berate, curse out, or do your job for you. No one on Earth makes enough to be talked to like they have no value. Customer service is not your mother or your personal slave.

They have a job, and often with that job, they have strict limitation as to what they can do. Their employers also govern what they can and cannot say. No matter how much colorful the language you use, it changes nothing. If anything, they are more apt to close up and stop working with you to find solutions.

Customer Service does not have time to play favorites or refuse you service based on your political affiliation, your payment history, or the number of services you subscribe to. Honestly, you are just another face or voice in a long concession of needy people. I highly suspect if you think they are prejudice against you, it is because they told you something you didn’t want to hear and you behaved badly, which brings up the next point.

Contrary to the popular quote that “customers are always right,” they aren’t. And if you aren’t willing to put on your big boy pants and actually listen to what the CSR is telling you, well, there really isn’t any helping you.


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