I Got What I Asked For

In many ways, I am a lucky old bat. Two out of three children are active in my writing. They encourage me, edit me, nag me. For my self-published stuff, my son does the covers and runs my website.

My daughter is a huge nag. Honestly, she is just what I need.

I have a YA manuscript awaiting edits. It has gone through critiques and beta reads. I need to incorporate the final suggests and proof. Oh yeah, and both my son and daughter have agreed to be my line editors. I’ve got this. A full staff of intelligent, well-educated mentors/back office staff.

So why do I keep putting it off? Simple. I’ve turned into a younger version of my kids. I am whining ‘I don’t wanna’ until my daughter agrees to co-author my next project.

Go figure, I raised a stubborn daughter who knows all too well how to tell me no.

You really don’t want to see an old bat throw a tantrum. It isn’t pretty, but that may be what it takes to get my way.


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