Fair Weather Friends

balloonsHave you ever noticed how many friends you have who are perfectly willing to let you host a party and do all the work, or let you plan a group outing, or let you take their kids for the weekend so they can relax with hubby. Almost the same number of friends are quick with an excuse when it is their turn to help you. All of a sudden, they can’t watch your children because their dog bites or they are having their carpets cleaned or the moon is playing footsy with the sun.

Even though your intention in helping your friends is genuinely good, when the shoe hits the other foot and doesn’t fit, it really takes the fun out of it. Once or twice is poor timing, repeatedly and you need to ask yourself if your friends are your friends because the like you and have your back or because you will do for them. When is it time to stop?

I think for most people, that time is when they begin to feel used, but is that really the optimal time? Why wait until you start feeling bad about doing good?



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