Double Standard

Every notice how many double standards men have for women, usually in their favor? When was the last time you went out to a dating website and browsed through a few dozen over 40 male ads? In my experience, at least half of the men listed themselves as athletic and looking for a petite HWP female, but when you look at their pictures, the men themselves may have once been athletic. Now, though, they need a sling to fit under their belly and around their neck to heft the extra “baby weight” they have gained over the years.

Really? You are allowed to gain weight, but all the little high school cheerleaders now all grown up who have given birth to your children should still be petite. I bet you want her to still be able to put a foot behind her head too, right? Just like you can still maintain and erection without the little blue pills you hide in your underwear drawer.

I co-worker of mine recently came to work upset because her husband had hurt her feelings. This woman is a lovely 50+. She is even HWP and petite. She has her hair done, her outfits are always accessorized, she is bright, intelligent, and earns more money than her husband. She takes great pride in working hard to keep her marriage together. Hell, I wouldn’t kick her out of my bed and I don’t even roll that way.

Her husband, on the other hand, is losing his hair. To be generous, we will call him chubby rather than fat, and he operates on an “I want” level. You know the  type. Men and women who buy what they want without regard to the budget or retirement fund. Had it not been for her, he would have gone through bankruptcy a couple times over already. As it is, they will have to live on her retirement account when the time comes. He has blown all of his.

Apparently that morning as they were getting ready to leave, she went to give him a kiss and he reared back and told her she needed to whiten her teeth. Talk about a romance buster.

I told her to go home and tell him he had a hairy butt, and he needed to have it waxed.

This is the same man who made her promise when they were still in their 20’s, and he still had his high school football star physique, that she would never let herself go. If she did, he would leave her. Apparently, he still reminds her of that after all these years. The little fat man with the hairy butt has standards…for his wife.


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