Old Lady Rage

This is one of those days when I woke up pissy and going to work just made it worse. I am about to kick someone’s ass. It doesn’t matter whose. Yours will do just as well as the next guy.

I am sick to death of answer people’s questions only for them not to listen and then ask me to repeat it. I feel like warning  them up front that I intend to only say it once, so write it down or go fuck yourself.


Noisy Neighbor

Am I the only one who lives below a neighbor who has no concept of common courtesy? This guy got up at 1:30 am and promptly started playing his music, which isn’t in and of itself a bad thing. It becomes a bad thing when it is loud enough to wake me up.

The last time this happened, I went up and banged on his door. The noise went away. This time, I ended up calling the cops. I will continue to call the office and the cops, I suppose, until he gets the hint that his rights do not trump mine.

I have three neighbors. This is the only neighbor I have a problem with, and I feel bad because I just had the last tenant in that apartment evicted for having dogs that barked constantly when they were gone. I had such high hopes for this new guy. Now I am sad. And awake. Really awake when I should be sleeping.

Drugs are Cheap, Sex is Free, Class of ’83

I recently receive a Facebook notification of our next high school reunion.  Apparently this is an unofficial affair that I probably wouldn’t attend regardless. There are only about three people from high school I care to really stay in contact with much more than as Facebook friends.

Now here is the rest of the reason I’m put off about going. One of the coordinators was a lovely little teenage alcoholic who would drink her lunch and come back to class reeking of peppermint schnapps. (Even without it, a blind man would have known she was wasted.) I have a touchy stomach now, and it was more so in high school. Her alcohol stench made my first class after lunch miserable. Not to mention it just doesn’t do anything for me to hang out with drunks.

The really last straw though was her posting to the same invite for a class reunion the little ditty that goes something like “Drugs are Cheap, Sex is Free, Class of ’83.” Wow, really? Is that how you remember you high school years? Some of us had ethics and values even back then. So nice of you to make us feel, umm, uncomfortable.

Do people really not realize that if they are representing a group of people, even if it is just an unofficial reunion, they should adhere to a certain degree of professionalism and inclusion? Now all I can envision is the fog of pot smoke, with a mirror covered with white lines on each table, and a back room with a row of mattresses on the floor.

Not my scene.

Lover’s Spat

Last night I got a message from a guy I have been chatting with through an online dating service. He was mad because I’d promised him I would let him know when I was available to go out. Well, I did exactly that a while ago. I didn’t get a response. Such is life.

When I called him on his attitude, his response was that he was upset because I hadn’t reached out, and he thought I wasn’t interested. To be honest, I’m not particular interested, especially after his attitude.

The question I failed to ask and I would really like the answer to is why he bothered to hit me up again if he didn’t think I was interested. Why bother? Why the attitude? Why not just move on. Unless you’ve really made  a connection, there is no loss, and with this guy, we may have exchange a few hundred words at best.

Why must your disappointment become someone else’s problem?

Potty Protocol

So I’m out of the bathroom etiquette loop. When you are in a restroom and it is obvious someone is multi-tasking their private doody with talking on the phone, is it polite for you to go ahead and flush?

I ask because I was in a public restroom earlier and a lady was obviously interviewing for a job. I really wanted her to get the job. On the other hand, how long was I expected to not flush while she interviewed?

Eventually the decision was taken out of my hands. Someone else flushed, and you know the interviewer heard it, so I didn’t see any harm in adding my sound effects to the mix.

I hope she gets the job. Maybe the interviewer will see her balancing act as a good thing. Killing two birds with one stone and all of that. I wouldn’t, but you never know.

Smile for the Camera

I recently logged on Facebook to find a lovely new picture of my brother and his wife. They looked so happy, and that was the problem. My brother has told me that he has not slept with his wife in years. His plan is to stay with her until all the kids are grown, and then he is going fishing and staying there.

They are not happy. The picture lies.

My sister-in-law has also made it clear that her kids make her happy. Her husband, not so much. Her big plan is to wait until the children leave then move home with her mom, which may never happen. Three are already adults and she keeps them and their on again, off again boyfriends and girlfriends still safely ensconced in the family nest.

I hate that they have lived together so long without happiness. I suspect their children have felt that unease just as openly as I have. They probably think it is normal to just exist.

I imagine that my brother and sister-in-law are not the only ones who smile for the camera, and then go home to hardly looking at one another. Some of that is natural. After being with the same person year in and year out, things can get repetitive, but I think the truly happy people find other bits of life to make them happy  as well as fight the continuous battle to maintain a loving relationship.

It takes strong people with a lot of commitment to come through the unhappy times and find peace. I hope my brother does, some day.

Social All By Myself

My ex is concerned that my son is not social enough. I can respect his concern. The boy was well up in his elementary school years before he could tell you names of friends. He had friends, mind you. Names just weren’t important to him.

He does better now, but his sister will always be a social butterfly next to him. She attends a good-sized public school, and can likely put a name to a high percentage of the students and teachers, whether she considers them friends or not. And of those kids, she can provide a brief synopsis on many.

My son is like many kids and adults these days. While he has in person friends, his online friends and game mates are more numerous. He probably talks to them more as well. He definitely makes time to play with them and does a better job of actually putting himself out there. He speaks. He leads groups. He initiates plans.

His father doesn’t count his online activities as social events, but I think he needs to reevaluate that. As our world incorporates more virtual meetings, work-from-home opportunities, and online group activities, such as gaming, forums, hobby groups, social media, and video conferencing, we are short-changing ourselves if we continue to think of these relationships as anything but social.

By definition, being social is about relating with other people. Nowhere does it say that interaction must be in the same room. It really is about the interaction, and that includes by letters, chat, video cam just as much as face to face.

Granted, online socialization is different than in person, but it comes with rules. It comes with the general premise of reaching out and sharing ideas. And at the rate we have become reliant on social media and electronic communication, I think it is important that we all learn to embrace it as part of the norm.